Thursday, April 27, 2006

Busy Yarnmonster

I have been a busy, busy girl!
It occurred to me recently, while hitting that refresh button in hopes of procuring a skein of Vesper sock yarn in the Sweetwater colorway and simultaneously watching the clock for the last possible minute I could leave and not be late to Chinese class (and no, I didn't get it), that maybe it was time to take matters into my own hands. I've done some dyeing, and have a healthy collection of Kool-Aid packets from the airy and well-stocked aisles of suburban Georgia grocery stores. I'd never tried making self-striping yarn before, but I have a Master's Degree, surely I could figure this out, right?
Not having a warping board, I went with the chair method, and I have to tell you, with 4 skeins of ~190 yds., that's a lot of walking! But I got them skeined, and then just went for it with the Kool Aid, using the "buritto" method and stupidly not bothering to check Google for some better ways to do this.
Here are the stripey skeins, steaming in their Saran Wrap cocoons:

And here are two more skeins I decided to hand-paint instead, because you can't just knit stripes all the time, silly!
And later, yummy bathing beauties in their Eucalan bath:
And ta-da! The final product, drying in the bathroom!
My everlasting gratitude to the Twisted Sisters, who instruct the hand-dyer to toss the washed and rinsed skeins in the washing machine, turn off the hoses, and set the thing on spin cycle to get the excess water out. Brilliant! My yarn was instantly transformed from a dripping soggy mess into light and fluffy stuff that will not pull the shower rod off the wall. Hooray!
There were a few mishaps--a bit of orange got onto the blue, and a LOT of orange got onto my [just manicured!!!] hands, so I look like I've had a nasty fight with an orange popsicle. But all in all, a fairly successful day. I'll now spend the rest of my night walking into the bathroom to check and see if it's dry yet.
Anyone up for a little knitting at the Point tomorrow (Friday)? I might stop in sometime in the afternoon....