Monday, April 03, 2006

The Bliss of Consumerism

This Sunday found me at Purl Patchwork once again.
Anyway, some birthday money was gleefully spent, and I came home with a beautiful array of fabrics for the Amy Butler Cafe Apron, which I'm actually going to make into a wrap skirt using the handy pattern addendum Amy has supplied on her website!
So this will be the front, patchwork side of the skirt:
Maybe it's easier to imagine them all mixed together like this:
And then on the reversible back side, it will be this, with the stripe for the main part and the floral for the ties and waistband:
Jolie, non? It was so much fun picking them all out, Purl has got such lovely fabrics, I could have spent all day in there. But my poor, suffering husband was waiting outside in the spring sunshine, so I tried to speed it up. He wanted to get to the bookstore, and who am I to stand in the way of a reader in need?
On a different note, I have a confession to make:
What a surprise that it involves yarn, right? So, here's what happened. I was totally going to hold off on the Morehouse Merino purchase, think about it for a few more weeks, months, whatever. But then I came into a little birthday cash. And then, last Wednesday before going to yoga, I thought, "I'm going to be right by Union Square. I should see if they just happen to have 6 skeins of bulky in chartreuse at their market booth, and then I wouldn't have to pay shipping." Well, they didn't, but the kind woman on the phone offered to send it, free of shipping-charge, in the mail the next day, if I wanted to pay for it by credit right then. I mean, who's going to let that deal slip past her? Not this girl! So it arrived, in all of its free-shipping glory, on Saturday, and has been taunting me with green-bulky-goodness ever since. That center-pull ball is HUGE! Even Jamie was fascinated. I am racing down the final sleeve of my Huggable Hill sweater so that I can cast on this merino. Fickle, fickle girl!