Thursday, March 02, 2006

Zen Knitters

On Wednesday, Heather, Nicole and I decided to take a little time out for some yoga, all the while declaring loudly that none of us had done yoga in months, we are so unflexible, etc., etc. But we managed to motivate to the lovely Jivamukti Yoga Center, which I had never been to before and was very much pleased with. Our teacher was Jules, a most lovely young man who we knitters were all quite taken with. We opted for a 1:15 PM, 45 minute class, thinking this would be good to ease ourselves back in. I was secretly thinking this seemed a little short, but thank GOD for my more down-to-earth friends, because not only were we quite pleasantly worked out to the fullest of our abilities in 45 minutes, but I woke up feeling like I'd been beaten with a baseball bat this morning. Achy everywhere! Hopefully I'll be completely recovered by ballet on Saturday, so I can glide gracefully across the floor in front of Dardo, our other cute, tiny, flexible male teacher.

Yes, there's Dardo. Just in case any of you want to join us. This is the oly graphic that you're going to get in relation to the ballet class, unless one of us knits some legwarmers or something. Or one of us finishes her Olympic Ballet Wrap Sweater. But that is just a sore subject, and one that I don't wish to discuss AT all.
Nicole had to meet her b-friend for lunch, so Heather and I, upon discovering (what a surprise!) that we both had our knitting in our bags, decided to make a day of it and head over to the Point. We stopped at Shopsins across the street for some big bowls of soup (cream of tomato for me, carrot ginger orange for Heather), and then made our way to our knitting haven. They're always happy to see us, even when we were just there the night before for Stitch n' Bitch. And then Michelle joined us, topping off a perfect day!
Today was spent poring over my newest obsession, MySpace, finding the profiles of every single person I have ever known, and then berating myself for my shyness in sending them a note to say hi. If you've never been there, DON'T GO, because it's the biggest time-sucker I think I've ever run across.
I'll sign off with this, a pic of one of my many unfinished works, made with the softest, butteriest alpaca I've ever used, purchased at a County Fair in Schoharie, NY, from Huggable Hill Alpacas. There's no link to them, because they have no website, and though I've emailed them for more of this lovely fiber, I have yet to hear from them. Huggable Hill, if you're out there, find me! I would love, love, love more yarn from your prize-winning alpaca, Cubea! It is so yummy, I should have just bought more in the first place!