Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Preparing for Parental Invasion

It is only TWO more days till my birthday--I'll be a whopping 28 years old, can you believe it?--and tomorrow my mummy and daddy are showing up here in New York to celebrate with me! Fortunately for me, they have both had rather enough of Brooklyn in previous trips here, and have decided to make this a Manhattan-Only weekend, which means I don't have to spend the days preceding my birthday cleaning every inch of this place from top to bottom. The last time my mom came, I think I was completely exhausted from cleaning by the time she got here, and the last time my dad was here, I threw in the towel and called a cleaning service. Dad's a little fastidious, I wasn't sure if even my cleanest of clean would measure up.
Had a lovely yoga session with Kara today--and the fact that I fell over about ten times was more than made up for by the fact that I managed, for the first time in 4 or 5 years, to do the splits!

No, I didn't look quite like that!--but it was still cool. I think I tore something in the back of my right leg several years ago, and it was out of whack for a long time. So all of this physical activity is paying off, I guess. Though as usual, it is making me ravenously hungry--this is why I don't like to exercise, it makes me have to cook!

In other cheery news, my summer 2005 Phildar arrived and I have finished translating the cache-coeur pattern! The Olympic Disaster Sweater can now be reborn into chic French wonderfulness. There were a couple of dodgy bits, like the weird fact that you're told to knit the ribbing for the inside band separately, and then there's something odd about doing a few rows of stockinette in another color, and then you sew it on. Haven't the French heard about picking up stitches yet? Or is this a better method, ensuring that your ribs are uniform and not wonky from irregularly picked-up stitches? I was going to email Skinny Rabbit, but then I read her disclaimer about not answering emails with questions about French patterns, and was really glad I found it before I sent her an offending email. So if anyone out there has knit this pattern, drop me a line and tell me how you did the ribbing!
And last but not least, Yarnmonster is now a member of the NYC Knitters blog ring! Very exciting to be part of that very cool group of knitters, along with all of my other blogging SnB pals. Michelle, we'll keep the moving-to-Indiana thing on the DL so they'll let you stay in it!