Monday, March 20, 2006

Pattern Party!

It was another wild Sunday for the girls of the Manhattan SnB, as we gathered for a day of pattern swapping. There were about a hundred knitting books and a copy machine; who could ask for more? Not us, but more we had--a cozy living room, and tons and tons of yummy things to eat!
Much thanks to our extraordinary hostess, Jill:

who really outdid herself yet again putting out this delicious spread for us:
Jill, your hostessing skills know no bounds. Everything we ate was so tasty that we kept eating, all day, for 6 hours straight! At 9 o'clock I had to tear myself away from the gorgonzola spread and rush home to Brooklyn, as it had been 9 hours since my darling pit bull had been outside.
It was a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable day. Some new friends were made:
That's Lorie, on the left, who just got back from Baghdad, where she started a 2 person Stitch n' Bitch! How cool is that? She seems pretty glad to be back, and we were happy to have her. And next to her is Debbie--y'all know who she is already!--who was one of the great founders of our group, and whom I had never met. Great to meet you, Debbie, and thanks for bringing those cannolis!
There's some of the book mess that covered Jill's floor all day:

Three happy knitters on the super-comfortable sofa; Lynette, Jill R., and Michelle.
Thank you Jill A., for such a fabulous day! You should throw parties every weekend, you're so good at it!
It other exciting news, look! My Huggable Hill alpaca yarn finally arrived!
That's just some of it--I have just enough to make the above pictured pattern, and 3/4 sleeve, top down raglan. Yippee! It is buttery soft and so delicious--and it is all from one alpaca named Cubea, who is a fluffy little cutie. Thanks, Faith of Huggable Hill, for this beautiful yarn!
Now I just have to finish my Noro Wrap before I can cast on for the sweater. I've already got enough WIP's in my sidebar! 2 1/2 balls of Kureyon left to go....