Saturday, March 04, 2006

Olympic Sweater=Not Happening

OK, remember when I said that I felt like Sasha Cohen after she fell during her long program? Well, revise. I now feel more like Nancy Kerrigan must have felt after having her shin bone smashed by Tonya Harding's boyfriend. The sweater is just a mess. It may look semi-OK in the above photo, but I assure you, when I put it on, the effect is not at all pleasing.
It was supposed to be a Wrap Sweater of the Ballet-Inspired Type. It was supposed to cut down across my front from shoulder to hip, and then tie. Unfortunately, due to a large number of errors, both strategic and math-related, this did not happen. The fronts come up way too high, and the hemmed edging I added gave it all a weirdly Asian-inspired look--which is, in this particular instance, not what I was going for. I tried to camouflage all of these issues as best I could, but it was no use. I brought it with me to ballet today to show Heather, our own fabulous resident designer, and she confirmed my worst fears--"If it were me, I'd take it apart and re-knit the fronts." Oh, agony.
I came up with another idea, which might work, but it is a really scary one, and I have little faith in my own brilliant ideas right now. It is: taking out the hem to save the yarn, and then steeking across the fronts at the spot where the line is supposed to be. For those of you who have not steeked, this would mean sewing several rows of tiny stitches, with the sewing machine, where I want the fronts to end. Securing them with a zigzag stitch, I'd then CUT, like, with scissors, off the excess. Then I could pick up stitches inside the sew line and re-knit the border, probably another hem to camouflage the cut edge. Comprenez-vous?
Anyway, that idea TOTALLY freaks me out (Heather said she'd go with the re-knit it option), so I am officially putting this project on HOLD for a while, at least until I can look at it with an eye unbiased by countless hours of mad, fiery knitting. This was a lot of very beautiful Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that I have been saving in The Closet for a while, waiting for the perfect moment to use it. I want this sweater to be wearable, and if that means taking it apart, then so be it. Just not right now, because I just can't take it.
So tomorrow we are off on our much-anticipated Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl, where hopefully we will do fun things like this:
and I will forget all about my Olympic trials and tribulations. Fabulous local alpaca farms, get ready, here we come! I am so excited, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight (it doesn't take much to keep me up, just knowing that I've set the alarm is enough to produce insomniac fretting). I am making a list of projects and yardages, and bringing a bag of the latest pattern mags for everyone to read in the car. And the battery of my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is charging away, ready to fully document every moment for YOU, my beloved blog readers!