Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My friends rock!

Check out the awesome loot I got for my B-day!
The shirt on the right can be yours, too! It's available at the SCAD online store, and was a gift from my beloved friend Katharine, who is in Atlanta and whom I miss very much. If you want the shirt on the left... well, for now, you're out of luck! It is a Kara-and-her-Supercool-Husband-Mike original, and it's mine! But don't cry or be too sad--they plan to make them available to the knitting public sometime in the future. I feel so lucky to have received this one from my dear yoga-and-knitting companion!
So some progress has been made on the alpaca sweater:
and can I just say that I L-O-V-E LOVE knitting from the top down! It's a whole new world for me. I know the photo quality is bad, but if you look real hard, you'll see that I've finished the neck and shoulders and am now just knittin' round n' round! The sleeves are on stitch holders, waiting for their day. And the whole thing feels like sinking your hands into a tub of warm butter. Mmm, buttery soft alpaca, yummy.
Here's a bit of blogging craziness for you. I recently discovered Carrieoke's Knitting Blog, which I was interested in b/c she's a fellow Georgia girl. And she knits, obviously. Then, through a series of MySpace connections (don't go, it will suck away all your time!), I discovered that I know her! Like, in real life. She used to date my friend--we were even all in Italy together several years ago! I think this is pretty amazing--like when I run into someone I haven't seen in years on the streets of Manhattan. You know, what are the chances? But in blog-space? That's even crazier. Anyway, it always makes me happy to run into any old friend, regardless of where, so that's why I'm sharing my heartwarming story with all of you!
Happy Wednesday!