Saturday, March 18, 2006

Michelle's Wild Bash, and More Purl to Love

I am becoming increasingly mopey about Michelle's impending move to Indiana. I know Dave wants his MBA and all, and I'm sure Indiana is a really awesome place, but I would still rather they stay right here in their Pink Pleasure Palace where they are always accessible to us. I keep having to remind myself that she'll be back every other Tuesday for work/knitting.
Speaking of the Pink Pleasure Palace, it was in rare form last night. Let me just first state that I had no idea how popular my pal was! Her apartment was packed, unlike any apartment I have ever been in. Like, not even in college. We knitter-girls made up only a small percentage of the revellers. I left my batter half at home to prepare for his trip, and had to leave rather earlier than I'd have liked so I could hang out with him briefly before he went to bed. But while I was there:

There was some fun in front of the dancing bears.

Dancing with the dancing bears.

Ruth and our hostess, Michelle.

Today I was up and off to ballet, where lo and behold, I was the only knitter present! OK, I guess they all have excuses--Kara is painting, Heather's too stressed out to leave the house, and we all flaked out and made Jewell fly solo last week, so I guess it was my turn. But I don't care because I had Dardo all to myself, so HA! Well, myself and the other classmates that I don't know. But whatever.
I decided to give myself a much-anticipated treat after ballet and visit this place:
Hmm, what is this that you see?

It's Purl Patchwork!

Joelle, the owner of our much beloved Purl in Soho, has now opened a beautiful quilting shop two doors down! It was so, so pretty in there, with just about every bolt of fabric something exquisite that I'd want to buy. I almost lost it and bought some fabric, but I managed to get myself under control, and left with only a quilting book and a sewing pattern for a cute bag. I already can't wait to go back.
That's all the news for Saturday. Hope everyone out there is recovered from St. Paddy's.