Friday, March 10, 2006

Hot Dog

Check out this cool chick:

That of course, was a couple of days ago, when it was freezing. I have no pics from today, when Peru and I and all of our neighborhood stood outside and squinted at the sunlight, utterly confused by the 72 degree temperature. 72 degrees! That's like, shorts! Of course, everyone still had their coats and hats, because though we all watched the news last night and were told this was coming, we really didn't believe it.

As you can see, the Noro wrap is coming along nicely. I LOVE the colors in this yarn, it is really a total pleasure to watch it knit up.
And some of you may have noticed, there are now wonderful Status Bars of WIP's in my sidebar! Now all of my neglected projects are staring me in the face right on my blog--hopefully they will be harder to forget this way than shoved in the back of The Closet.
Jamie and I reorganized our Office tonight--pics soon to come--and it is so nice in here now! Desks for each of us--no more sharing my desk with both Jamie's computer and my swift on it. I wonder how long it will stay this way before we turn it into a complete disaster again?