Thursday, March 30, 2006

Future Project Preview

There has been some serious chatting online lately about quilting projects, and this book in particular. What's going on that we all bought the same book at the same time? Do knitbloggers just have universal good taste, or is something weird going on here?
Well, if we're all being brainwashed by some quilting mastermind, I have definitely proved myself susceptible.

These are the fruits of last weekend's trip to the Purl Patchwork store. An Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern, and some fabric with which to make it. No worries; that bow you see is actually a scarf that you can make separately, if desired. Obviously I do not desire a bow, but a scarf, maybe. The green print is for the outside, yellow for the inside.
I haven't started on it yet, of course. And I have a stack of fabric (I'm unwilling to call it a stash yet) in The Closet waiting for other projects. But today I found myself browsing through online fabric stores, thanks to certain bloggers who left certain links to tempt the rest of us (yes, you know who you are!). I was getting out a pencil and paper and starting to calculate how much yardage I'd need for a queen-size quilt when I stopped myself. Enough! I said. I have to knit through some of this yarn stash before I can even fit the fabric (and batting!!) for a quilt in The Closet! And it's certainly not going to live on the floor of our Office, now that Jamie has his computer in here. I can tell that the spinning wheel is making him twitchy already.