Saturday, March 25, 2006

Birthday Fun

Thank you, everyone, who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! And a happy day it was. I had such a nice time with my parents, I couldn't have asked for a better day.
My folks were here on Thursday, so while my dad went to a business dinner, Mom and I had an evening out to ourselves. Mom's in gluten-free heaven here in the city, so we headed over to Risotteria in the West Village for dinner. I had some risotto, and she had a meaty-looking gluten-free pizza. Everything was delicious, but the portions were HUGE! About twice what we could consume! So go there when you're really hungry.
After that I had to take her to the Point, which was right around the corner. We knitted and drank hot cocoas for a bit. She said, "So this is where you knit every Tuesday. I always imagined it... bigger." I was like, bigger? This is spacious! Mom has a bit of a skewed perception of space when it comes to the city, I think.
Doesn't she look cute at the window table? She asked me, "Why do all of the people outside keep stopping next to us and staring in the window?" Yes, they are just fascinated by the knitters. You'd think, with all of the crazy things one sees in NYC, that THIS wouldn't be the one thing to stop pedestrians in their paths, but it is.
The next day I met up with the folks on the UES to have lunch at Peters' Gourmet Diner and Bar, a very tasty and very gluten-free friendly establishment. Again, the huge portions! They must think all the gluten-free visitors are starving to death! We then wandered around up there a bit before I dragged them back down to the West Village, where Dad got to visit a guitar shop, Mom and I bought cute T-shirts, and we all had chai teas with gelato for them and a cannoli for me. Yum! I also hauled them across to Purl Patchwork so I could buy some supercool Japanese fabric to make a bag.
We later ate at Abboccato, a restaurant that has moved into the location of one of their former favorites, Castellano's. I ate desert #2 of the day. Then we went to the lounge of their hotel to spend a little more time together, and the waiters came out with a piece of cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday! A piece of cheesecake! I almost died, I was so full. Thankfully, my fam helped me with it.
And today they were off to Atlanta, to rescue their beloved dachshunds from the pet sitter. No pics here of my dad, he wasn't feeling like modelling this weekend. But I think he was enjoying himself, as were we all. Thanks for coming to see me, Mom and Dad!
I'm on the last ball of my Noro Wrap, which means it's going to be time soon to cast on for something new. One of those things will be made out of this:
but it will be my extra top secret mystery project! Not just to be mean, but because I don't want the intended recipient to read my blog and think, "Hmm, I wonder if that's for me?" But don't worry, I'll be sure to give some tantalizing snippets along the way.
In addition, I'll have to start a new sweater, and it was between the new French cache-coeur pattern, or the Huggable Hill alpaca sweater, and I think it's gonna have to be the alpaca. We might not have a lot of alpaca-wearing days left before it gets warm, and it's on size 9 needles, so I figure I'd better bust that one out before it gets too late. The cache-coeur will be more transitional, and then I have a whole closet of cotton just waiting for me. Summer, here I come.