Thursday, March 30, 2006

Future Project Preview

There has been some serious chatting online lately about quilting projects, and this book in particular. What's going on that we all bought the same book at the same time? Do knitbloggers just have universal good taste, or is something weird going on here?
Well, if we're all being brainwashed by some quilting mastermind, I have definitely proved myself susceptible.

These are the fruits of last weekend's trip to the Purl Patchwork store. An Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern, and some fabric with which to make it. No worries; that bow you see is actually a scarf that you can make separately, if desired. Obviously I do not desire a bow, but a scarf, maybe. The green print is for the outside, yellow for the inside.
I haven't started on it yet, of course. And I have a stack of fabric (I'm unwilling to call it a stash yet) in The Closet waiting for other projects. But today I found myself browsing through online fabric stores, thanks to certain bloggers who left certain links to tempt the rest of us (yes, you know who you are!). I was getting out a pencil and paper and starting to calculate how much yardage I'd need for a queen-size quilt when I stopped myself. Enough! I said. I have to knit through some of this yarn stash before I can even fit the fabric (and batting!!) for a quilt in The Closet! And it's certainly not going to live on the floor of our Office, now that Jamie has his computer in here. I can tell that the spinning wheel is making him twitchy already.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My friends rock!

Check out the awesome loot I got for my B-day!
The shirt on the right can be yours, too! It's available at the SCAD online store, and was a gift from my beloved friend Katharine, who is in Atlanta and whom I miss very much. If you want the shirt on the left... well, for now, you're out of luck! It is a Kara-and-her-Supercool-Husband-Mike original, and it's mine! But don't cry or be too sad--they plan to make them available to the knitting public sometime in the future. I feel so lucky to have received this one from my dear yoga-and-knitting companion!
So some progress has been made on the alpaca sweater:
and can I just say that I L-O-V-E LOVE knitting from the top down! It's a whole new world for me. I know the photo quality is bad, but if you look real hard, you'll see that I've finished the neck and shoulders and am now just knittin' round n' round! The sleeves are on stitch holders, waiting for their day. And the whole thing feels like sinking your hands into a tub of warm butter. Mmm, buttery soft alpaca, yummy.
Here's a bit of blogging craziness for you. I recently discovered Carrieoke's Knitting Blog, which I was interested in b/c she's a fellow Georgia girl. And she knits, obviously. Then, through a series of MySpace connections (don't go, it will suck away all your time!), I discovered that I know her! Like, in real life. She used to date my friend--we were even all in Italy together several years ago! I think this is pretty amazing--like when I run into someone I haven't seen in years on the streets of Manhattan. You know, what are the chances? But in blog-space? That's even crazier. Anyway, it always makes me happy to run into any old friend, regardless of where, so that's why I'm sharing my heartwarming story with all of you!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Trying to be a Faithful Knitter

Despite the abundance of projects out there in the world, projects that are just dying for me to start them, I have, as of late, been trying to be a more temperate and steadfast knitter. It is when I see other people's galleries of finished objects, or when a blogger posts a number of celebratory "just-finished" photos, that I really feel the need to FINISH something, get something off the needles and on my body, take those pictures, post, "I did it!" This is when I really feel the emptiness of the lifestyle of the philanderous, promiscuous knitter. Sure, there is always the big thrill of casting on something new, something different, something with which you have no difficult and dramatic past. But the excitement starts to wear thin after a while. You start to crave the comfort of commitment, the pride of working at something until successful completion.
It is in this spirit of accomplishment that I give you:

The Noro Kureyon Wrap!
It is done! It actually didn't take very long, and was the simplest and most brainless project I've done in a while, which was a relief after certain Disastrous Olympic Events. The shawl pin used above is only a temporary one, while I'm waiting to get this beauty from my mum:

She made that for me! Isn't she amazing? I can't wait to get it, along with the other samples she is sending for my perusal. Her jewelry teacher, Susan Saul, showed her this very cool Celtic design. Susan used to be my jewelry teacher too, back when I lived in GA and Mom and I took classes together. Sniff, sniff. Anyway, in case you check out Susan's page--do you recognize somebody?
Once I took the wrap off the needles, it was time to start on my Huggable Hill Alpaca sweater. Which doesn't REALLY even count as something new, as that yarn was already in my sidebar projects--it is just morphing into something different.

Not much yet, but as it is a top-down, in the round pattern, this would be the back of the neck and tops of shoulders. Exciting, right? I can't wait to get to the part that says "Join."
Next weekend's major project is going to be taking some finished-object photos for me. I have a pile of undocumented sweaters just waiting to be photographed.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Birthday Fun

Thank you, everyone, who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! And a happy day it was. I had such a nice time with my parents, I couldn't have asked for a better day.
My folks were here on Thursday, so while my dad went to a business dinner, Mom and I had an evening out to ourselves. Mom's in gluten-free heaven here in the city, so we headed over to Risotteria in the West Village for dinner. I had some risotto, and she had a meaty-looking gluten-free pizza. Everything was delicious, but the portions were HUGE! About twice what we could consume! So go there when you're really hungry.
After that I had to take her to the Point, which was right around the corner. We knitted and drank hot cocoas for a bit. She said, "So this is where you knit every Tuesday. I always imagined it... bigger." I was like, bigger? This is spacious! Mom has a bit of a skewed perception of space when it comes to the city, I think.
Doesn't she look cute at the window table? She asked me, "Why do all of the people outside keep stopping next to us and staring in the window?" Yes, they are just fascinated by the knitters. You'd think, with all of the crazy things one sees in NYC, that THIS wouldn't be the one thing to stop pedestrians in their paths, but it is.
The next day I met up with the folks on the UES to have lunch at Peters' Gourmet Diner and Bar, a very tasty and very gluten-free friendly establishment. Again, the huge portions! They must think all the gluten-free visitors are starving to death! We then wandered around up there a bit before I dragged them back down to the West Village, where Dad got to visit a guitar shop, Mom and I bought cute T-shirts, and we all had chai teas with gelato for them and a cannoli for me. Yum! I also hauled them across to Purl Patchwork so I could buy some supercool Japanese fabric to make a bag.
We later ate at Abboccato, a restaurant that has moved into the location of one of their former favorites, Castellano's. I ate desert #2 of the day. Then we went to the lounge of their hotel to spend a little more time together, and the waiters came out with a piece of cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday! A piece of cheesecake! I almost died, I was so full. Thankfully, my fam helped me with it.
And today they were off to Atlanta, to rescue their beloved dachshunds from the pet sitter. No pics here of my dad, he wasn't feeling like modelling this weekend. But I think he was enjoying himself, as were we all. Thanks for coming to see me, Mom and Dad!
I'm on the last ball of my Noro Wrap, which means it's going to be time soon to cast on for something new. One of those things will be made out of this:
but it will be my extra top secret mystery project! Not just to be mean, but because I don't want the intended recipient to read my blog and think, "Hmm, I wonder if that's for me?" But don't worry, I'll be sure to give some tantalizing snippets along the way.
In addition, I'll have to start a new sweater, and it was between the new French cache-coeur pattern, or the Huggable Hill alpaca sweater, and I think it's gonna have to be the alpaca. We might not have a lot of alpaca-wearing days left before it gets warm, and it's on size 9 needles, so I figure I'd better bust that one out before it gets too late. The cache-coeur will be more transitional, and then I have a whole closet of cotton just waiting for me. Summer, here I come.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Preparing for Parental Invasion

It is only TWO more days till my birthday--I'll be a whopping 28 years old, can you believe it?--and tomorrow my mummy and daddy are showing up here in New York to celebrate with me! Fortunately for me, they have both had rather enough of Brooklyn in previous trips here, and have decided to make this a Manhattan-Only weekend, which means I don't have to spend the days preceding my birthday cleaning every inch of this place from top to bottom. The last time my mom came, I think I was completely exhausted from cleaning by the time she got here, and the last time my dad was here, I threw in the towel and called a cleaning service. Dad's a little fastidious, I wasn't sure if even my cleanest of clean would measure up.
Had a lovely yoga session with Kara today--and the fact that I fell over about ten times was more than made up for by the fact that I managed, for the first time in 4 or 5 years, to do the splits!

No, I didn't look quite like that!--but it was still cool. I think I tore something in the back of my right leg several years ago, and it was out of whack for a long time. So all of this physical activity is paying off, I guess. Though as usual, it is making me ravenously hungry--this is why I don't like to exercise, it makes me have to cook!

In other cheery news, my summer 2005 Phildar arrived and I have finished translating the cache-coeur pattern! The Olympic Disaster Sweater can now be reborn into chic French wonderfulness. There were a couple of dodgy bits, like the weird fact that you're told to knit the ribbing for the inside band separately, and then there's something odd about doing a few rows of stockinette in another color, and then you sew it on. Haven't the French heard about picking up stitches yet? Or is this a better method, ensuring that your ribs are uniform and not wonky from irregularly picked-up stitches? I was going to email Skinny Rabbit, but then I read her disclaimer about not answering emails with questions about French patterns, and was really glad I found it before I sent her an offending email. So if anyone out there has knit this pattern, drop me a line and tell me how you did the ribbing!
And last but not least, Yarnmonster is now a member of the NYC Knitters blog ring! Very exciting to be part of that very cool group of knitters, along with all of my other blogging SnB pals. Michelle, we'll keep the moving-to-Indiana thing on the DL so they'll let you stay in it!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Pattern Party!

It was another wild Sunday for the girls of the Manhattan SnB, as we gathered for a day of pattern swapping. There were about a hundred knitting books and a copy machine; who could ask for more? Not us, but more we had--a cozy living room, and tons and tons of yummy things to eat!
Much thanks to our extraordinary hostess, Jill:

who really outdid herself yet again putting out this delicious spread for us:
Jill, your hostessing skills know no bounds. Everything we ate was so tasty that we kept eating, all day, for 6 hours straight! At 9 o'clock I had to tear myself away from the gorgonzola spread and rush home to Brooklyn, as it had been 9 hours since my darling pit bull had been outside.
It was a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable day. Some new friends were made:
That's Lorie, on the left, who just got back from Baghdad, where she started a 2 person Stitch n' Bitch! How cool is that? She seems pretty glad to be back, and we were happy to have her. And next to her is Debbie--y'all know who she is already!--who was one of the great founders of our group, and whom I had never met. Great to meet you, Debbie, and thanks for bringing those cannolis!
There's some of the book mess that covered Jill's floor all day:

Three happy knitters on the super-comfortable sofa; Lynette, Jill R., and Michelle.
Thank you Jill A., for such a fabulous day! You should throw parties every weekend, you're so good at it!
It other exciting news, look! My Huggable Hill alpaca yarn finally arrived!
That's just some of it--I have just enough to make the above pictured pattern, and 3/4 sleeve, top down raglan. Yippee! It is buttery soft and so delicious--and it is all from one alpaca named Cubea, who is a fluffy little cutie. Thanks, Faith of Huggable Hill, for this beautiful yarn!
Now I just have to finish my Noro Wrap before I can cast on for the sweater. I've already got enough WIP's in my sidebar! 2 1/2 balls of Kureyon left to go....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Michelle's Wild Bash, and More Purl to Love

I am becoming increasingly mopey about Michelle's impending move to Indiana. I know Dave wants his MBA and all, and I'm sure Indiana is a really awesome place, but I would still rather they stay right here in their Pink Pleasure Palace where they are always accessible to us. I keep having to remind myself that she'll be back every other Tuesday for work/knitting.
Speaking of the Pink Pleasure Palace, it was in rare form last night. Let me just first state that I had no idea how popular my pal was! Her apartment was packed, unlike any apartment I have ever been in. Like, not even in college. We knitter-girls made up only a small percentage of the revellers. I left my batter half at home to prepare for his trip, and had to leave rather earlier than I'd have liked so I could hang out with him briefly before he went to bed. But while I was there:

There was some fun in front of the dancing bears.

Dancing with the dancing bears.

Ruth and our hostess, Michelle.

Today I was up and off to ballet, where lo and behold, I was the only knitter present! OK, I guess they all have excuses--Kara is painting, Heather's too stressed out to leave the house, and we all flaked out and made Jewell fly solo last week, so I guess it was my turn. But I don't care because I had Dardo all to myself, so HA! Well, myself and the other classmates that I don't know. But whatever.
I decided to give myself a much-anticipated treat after ballet and visit this place:
Hmm, what is this that you see?

It's Purl Patchwork!

Joelle, the owner of our much beloved Purl in Soho, has now opened a beautiful quilting shop two doors down! It was so, so pretty in there, with just about every bolt of fabric something exquisite that I'd want to buy. I almost lost it and bought some fabric, but I managed to get myself under control, and left with only a quilting book and a sewing pattern for a cute bag. I already can't wait to go back.
That's all the news for Saturday. Hope everyone out there is recovered from St. Paddy's.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

It's March 17th, and that happy day when I have to pick one green item from my many to proudly wear throughout the day. You know, it's weird, but when I am forced to choose "something green" I find myself totally overwhelmed by the choices, though having multiple green items to choose from on any normal day doesn't seem to bother me.
Let's give a shout-out to my friend Anoushka, pictured here with her very adorable Irish boyfriend Miguel:

Hopefully they are both enjoying the holiday thoroughly over in Arklow, Ireland, where it is five hours ahead of here and folks have no doubt got their party started.
Another cause for celebration--my Mom has started her own blog! She's got nothing up there just yet, as it was just created, but Plays With Fire is sure to be a very cool spot once she gets it up and running. She can give us all a glimpse into the fascinating world of metalsmithing, as well as keep me updated on my favorite dachshunds.
Speaking of parties, it's the countdown till Michelle's big bash--what will happen when the knitters are let loose on St. Patrick's Day?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pain, Thy Name is Kara

So today, Heather and I joined Kara for an hour-and-a-half long yoga class at Jivamukti, after Kara insisted that she really doesn't feel like the longer classes are really that much more strenuous than the 45 minute ones. We, demonstrating complete gullibility, believed her. Now, in hindsight, I realize that I should have recalled how last Friday, Kara emailed that she would be unable to attend ballet due to a Jivamukti-induced catatonic state. But no, my brain was not its sharpest, and off we went.
It was a great class, to be sure. But when you feel, immediately after your yoga class, like you're already going to die, you know you're in for a tough couple of days. Fortunately the Fresh Direct came today, so I won't even have to venture out for sustenance. At one point, the teacher came over and bent me further into my pose, in a way that I don't have the muscle strength to bend myself. She smiled and said, "You know, so you feel it tomorrow." I was so contorted, I couldn't quite move my lips enough to tell her that that wouldn't really be an issue.
In non-pain related news, look what arrived!

Not the Phildar magazines, I got those on my honeymoon, but the Knitting Languages by Margaret Heathman! It has even got a Japanese knitting glossary! How cool is that? Now I'm just waiting for that supercool Phildar with the Cache-Coeur to arrive, and I will be on my translating way. I can't wait!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Quiet Sunday Spinning

Yesterday was a little rainy and dreary-looking here in NY, so Jamie and I were happy to spend the entire day in our beloved office (see previous post for more office details than you ever wanted). He was... on the computer, I guess I have no idea what he was doing over there. And I was spinning some super-soft dyed merino I got from Rhinebeck.

We played all our favorite playlists--we have all the computers on a network so we can play music from any of them on Jamie's computer with the speakers--and were so wrapped up in our pursuits that we forgot to eat! Here are the fruits of my labor:

One was finished a couple of days ago, the other was begun and completed yesterday. And I still have more of the merino! I don't know what I'm going to make with it, it is super-bulky and soft--maybe a hat?
We ended the day with Mexican food (of course) and Grey's Anatomy, and a nice long chat with Caitlin--there's nothing quite as nice as catching up with a friend you haven't talked to in a while, is there? Email is great and all, but never as cheering as a phone call can be. Anyone have any suggestions for simple but cute knitting books of baby stuff for her?
No time for spinning today, but I'll be sure to post more photos when there is. And the Noro wrap is still coming along nicely, though I don't think we need to see any more progress shots of that!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hot Dog

Check out this cool chick:

That of course, was a couple of days ago, when it was freezing. I have no pics from today, when Peru and I and all of our neighborhood stood outside and squinted at the sunlight, utterly confused by the 72 degree temperature. 72 degrees! That's like, shorts! Of course, everyone still had their coats and hats, because though we all watched the news last night and were told this was coming, we really didn't believe it.

As you can see, the Noro wrap is coming along nicely. I LOVE the colors in this yarn, it is really a total pleasure to watch it knit up.
And some of you may have noticed, there are now wonderful Status Bars of WIP's in my sidebar! Now all of my neglected projects are staring me in the face right on my blog--hopefully they will be harder to forget this way than shoved in the back of The Closet.
Jamie and I reorganized our Office tonight--pics soon to come--and it is so nice in here now! Desks for each of us--no more sharing my desk with both Jamie's computer and my swift on it. I wonder how long it will stay this way before we turn it into a complete disaster again?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Devastation, On An Olympic Level

Today I decided to be like my friend Caitlin and take a day of bedrest. Unlike Caitlin, I am not pregnant (that would have really sent me over the edge), but have been feeling a little under the weather for the past few days, and when I felt a headache comig on last night, I knew it was time for a day of complete laziness. Sometimes if you just force yourself to do nothing for a day when you feel something coming on, it goes away. That's my hope anyway, because after today, I can't spend one more minute in bed!
So as I was flopping around, trying to be comfortable and release the stress from my body, I got the brilliant idea that, if I was going to be in bed all day, I may as well be picking out the seams of the Olympic Disaster Sweater, since I need to reknit the fronts. And yes, I had sewn every seam, and then woven in every end, painstakingly, INTO every seam. And so I sat, with a darning needle to pick out the yarn and scissors, and took the thing completely apart. All that remains are the back, 2 sleeves, and a lot of little balls of yarn:

This took hours, people! So much for stress free. But now the worst of it is done. I don't mind re-knitting, though I'm not looking forward to sewing it all together again, but the taking-apart was what I was really dreading. Now it's all back in its little shopping bag in the closet, in hopes that in a few more days, I'll be able to look at it again.

On a lighter note, the Noro Kureyon Cartridge Rib Wrap is coming along quite nicely--I couldn't be more pleased with the loftiness of the stitch and the beautiful colors. I like this yarn far more than I ever expected to!

And look at this tasty bit I picked up at the Point last night! We were all fascinated, as we all have many a lonely skein waiting around to be given a new life. This book has lots of really cute things in it, and while I think that refering to a project as "one skein" when it actually uses an 800+ yard cone is kind of a stretch, most of them are truly minimalist. Bravo, Leigh Radford! We salute you!

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Day of Alpacan Bliss

It was a perfect day in the Land of Knitters yesterday. Michelle, Jenn, Katy, Ruth and I departed at 9 AM on our Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl. Michelle provided not only transportation but muffins and coffee, too!
I should have warned my friends about my tendency to be lulled into hypnotic sleep whenever I am placed in moving vehicles. Planes, trains, automobiles, even boats make me sleepy. The only transportaion in which I don't fall asleep is the subway, b/c it smells too awful and I'm too scared to sleep. Anyway, a dreamy hour or two later, we arrived at Kelly's amazing farm, Pauling Alpacas. She has the absolute most adorable farm any of us have ever seen. She invited us into her cozy little farmhouse, offering coffee and doughnuts (doughnuts! I love doughnuts!), and then took us out to meet the alpacas.
These are some of her boys (well, some of them aren't quite boys anymore, if you know what I mean). The pretty guy in the middle, Marshall, was kind enough to provide me with some yarn, which you'll see later.
And here's the baby! Kelly's got several more on the way, so her place is going to be filled with cuteness when springtime rolls around!
I fell in love with Mary Lou, the Anatolian Shepherd who does a very good job taking care of her alpaca charges. She is a BIG dog, and so pretty.
Several alpacas wanted to pose for head shots. They were very inquisitive and happy to see us, until 11, when they simultaneously turned and headed to the barn, knowing that this is the time lunch is served. So smart!
We left Kelly's farm with promises to meet her later in Katona to see her yarn, and headed off to Morehouse Farm, the home of the very beautiful Morehouse Merino! It was a big, beautiful store, full of fun projects and gorgeous colors. Like this lovely variegated laceweight:
Oops, but I'm not allowed to buy that, since I've got enough laceweight for 4 shawls and I have yet to knit even one. I don't even know if I like knitting lace! But the colors were so beautiful, and we were all envisioning ourselves in big, soft, lofty sweaters knit with this stuff.
We look happy, don't we?
Michelle especially. If this face doesn't accurately describe our torn feelings of yarn-shopping bliss versus the problems of frugality, I don't know what will.
Morehouse was very cozy and welcoming, again providing us with coffee and treats! People must get very hungry upstate, or maybe they're just not as afraid of being swarmed by starving New Yorkers the way any Manhattanite providing free food and coffee would be. Can you imagine? If there were a yarn shop here with free coffee, we'd park there and never leave. It would be listed in nationwide magazines as "One of the Best Deals in Manhattan."
Anyway, we stopped for lunch at a Mexican Cantina in Rhinebeck--for despite all of this plying with treats, we were all ravenously hungry. Except for a curious lack of background music, lunch was lovely and filling, and we got back on the road.
Next stop was Countrywool, a knitting and spinning shop that was way, way out in farm country. We debated, as we drove through the wide open spaces, whether or not we could stand living out there. Me and Michelle, yes. Jenn, Katy and Ruth, not so much so. Ruth was definitely against it. "What if something happens out there?" she asked. I said, "What's going to happen? There's no one here! But that's what your gun and your pit bull are for." And someone also mentioned those "I've fallen and I can't get up!" buttons--those are good for when you can't just pound on your floor to alert the neighbors that you're in need of help.
Anyway, at Countrywool, there was lots of great wool and fiber to choose from, both commercial and a nice selection of handspun by the proprietor herself, Claudia. I bought this beautiful stuff:
as well as this awesome pattern, designed by Claudia! They're Proud Warrior socks for yoga! I am going to be the envy of everyone at Jivamukti--if I ever get around to making them, that is.
From there, we headed towards Katona, stopping on our way at Yarn Central in Hopewell Junction. That is the charming proprietress on the left, with Ruth, Michelle, Katy, and Jenn. We loved her, she was so sweet and welcoming! And gave us much-needed water bottles and more cookies, as well as a great selection of yarn. Three of us walked out of there with some Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece for ballet tees and the like.
We drove into Katona to Kelly's house, where she has (this was the coolest thing we'd ever seen) this really great little attic room that she has turned into her yarn shop and spinning space. Here are Jenn, Katy, and Kelly, poring over the many choices of alpaca.
Can you imagine having this in your house??? I would just sit up there and stare at all of my yarn all the time. I'd get nothing done.
We somehow spent the fastest hour we've ever spent looking through all of her beautiful yarns. I decided on this:
which is a mix of Marshall and a little bit of something else. It is so unbelievably soft, I can't wait to figure out what I'm going to use it for. Perhaps something akin to this?
Here is the loot from the day. I got something from every stop, but tried not to overdo it. i do, afte all, have a yarn closet.
I was WIPED OUT when I got home, too tired to even bother with the Oscars, so I talked Jamie into ordering Pequena (Mexican twice in one day, how great is that?) and then crashed, unable to stay awake to read or knit. I drifted off, dreaming of alpacas and miles of buttery soft yarn....

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Olympic Sweater=Not Happening

OK, remember when I said that I felt like Sasha Cohen after she fell during her long program? Well, revise. I now feel more like Nancy Kerrigan must have felt after having her shin bone smashed by Tonya Harding's boyfriend. The sweater is just a mess. It may look semi-OK in the above photo, but I assure you, when I put it on, the effect is not at all pleasing.
It was supposed to be a Wrap Sweater of the Ballet-Inspired Type. It was supposed to cut down across my front from shoulder to hip, and then tie. Unfortunately, due to a large number of errors, both strategic and math-related, this did not happen. The fronts come up way too high, and the hemmed edging I added gave it all a weirdly Asian-inspired look--which is, in this particular instance, not what I was going for. I tried to camouflage all of these issues as best I could, but it was no use. I brought it with me to ballet today to show Heather, our own fabulous resident designer, and she confirmed my worst fears--"If it were me, I'd take it apart and re-knit the fronts." Oh, agony.
I came up with another idea, which might work, but it is a really scary one, and I have little faith in my own brilliant ideas right now. It is: taking out the hem to save the yarn, and then steeking across the fronts at the spot where the line is supposed to be. For those of you who have not steeked, this would mean sewing several rows of tiny stitches, with the sewing machine, where I want the fronts to end. Securing them with a zigzag stitch, I'd then CUT, like, with scissors, off the excess. Then I could pick up stitches inside the sew line and re-knit the border, probably another hem to camouflage the cut edge. Comprenez-vous?
Anyway, that idea TOTALLY freaks me out (Heather said she'd go with the re-knit it option), so I am officially putting this project on HOLD for a while, at least until I can look at it with an eye unbiased by countless hours of mad, fiery knitting. This was a lot of very beautiful Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that I have been saving in The Closet for a while, waiting for the perfect moment to use it. I want this sweater to be wearable, and if that means taking it apart, then so be it. Just not right now, because I just can't take it.
So tomorrow we are off on our much-anticipated Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl, where hopefully we will do fun things like this:
and I will forget all about my Olympic trials and tribulations. Fabulous local alpaca farms, get ready, here we come! I am so excited, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight (it doesn't take much to keep me up, just knowing that I've set the alarm is enough to produce insomniac fretting). I am making a list of projects and yardages, and bringing a bag of the latest pattern mags for everyone to read in the car. And the battery of my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is charging away, ready to fully document every moment for YOU, my beloved blog readers!