Saturday, February 25, 2006

Vegetarians Take New York

I had to take a serious break from the Olympics, as the tragedy of my project was starting to get to me. Though I had ripped back and reknit the mishap of the no-neck fronts, I was feeling, well, like Sasha Cohen must have felt for a brief moment after falling twice at the very begining of her Thursday night long program. Like all was lost, what is the point in even continuing? But Sasha pulled it together beautifully, finished her program, and ended up winning a silver medal--which, let's face it, is still pretty impressive. I wanted to finish my project, though there is no way I can get the gold at this point, with the same grace and style as Sasha. Or something like that. But first, I needed to forget about it entirely for a while.

So I started here, at the Natural Gourmet School on West 21st Street, where we were served a Far East Feast by a class of graduating student cooks. The feast contained four courses, my favorite of which (as usual) was the appetizer course--little dumpling purses filled with butternut squash and apples. Yum.
After finishing our tasty feast, we decided to continue our night at the Flatiron Grill, where they were kind enough to open up a spacious downstairs room so we could sit and order tasty drinks. I had Glogg, a warm mulled wine--very nice on a chilly evening.
Here Ruth and Michelle's Hubby Dave say hi.
And here's a snippet of Jamie, me, and Michelle on the snuggly sofa.
Look at how happy Jamie is in this picture! Is it because he loves vegetarians so much?
And then the night starts to get hazy. There are strange pictures in which people look like they are trying to find aliens inside the camera.

I don't know what that was about.
Michelle became concerned that she was opening her eyes too wide in the photos, and in turn, I was worried that mine weren't open enough. So here we are, overcompensating:

A jolly good time was had by all, and Jamie and I became increasingly sad about Michelle and Dave's impending move to Indiana (sniff, sniff). But there's still a month left to enjoy their full-time New Yorker status!
We departed around 11 because both of us knew that there was no way I could have another drink and still make it to my 2 PM ballet class today. We came home and made cheese fries in the oven (mmm) and I woke up fresh as a daisy and with a head as clear as a bell--I think it was the cheese fries--and danced out the door to the Sandra Cameron Dance Center, where you can usually take only ballroom dance classes, but where a number of knitters and I are now taking a wonderful ballet class from a fabulous teacher who rents a studio to teach us in! How nice is that? No photos were taken, b/c NO ONE wants to be photographed in their spandex unless they are as adorable and perfect as our dance teacher. But though I can't prove it with photodocumentation, take my word for it that we all had a lovely time, and will all be prima ballerinas in no time (ha ha)!
So now it's back to the Olympic project, which may not even be done by Tuesday, but it WILL BE DONE before I work on any other project, that I am sure of. Wish me luck....