Friday, February 17, 2006


Somehow Jill A. gets an actual phone call from the girls at Suss when they are having a sale, probably so she can bring weak, will-power-less people like ME with her to shop, despite the fact that my stash is (I swear!) spontaneously multiplying in its closet, where it occupies some 16 clear plastic shoeboxes.

And here is the Enabler herself, happily winding away her own yarn purchases. I managed to keep it to just this:

3 hefty skeins of buttery-colored cotton, which should be sufficient for a summery tank or knit cami. Michelle came and bought enough for that Hourglass Sweater she's been dying to make--what color did you end up getting, Michelle? It was only $3 a skein! Yes, it's true! We couldn't help ourselves. Sadly, Michelle had to leave, so Jill and I headed off to lunch at my favorite Soho spot, Hampton Chutney Co., for those amazing dosas and an iced chai. Mmm....
We later picked up Jill's pal Serena from Suss, where she was making an even more massive purchase, and continued our shopping day only to come upon a mysterious, temporary shop for "Luella for Target". It was, as so many things are for us, impossible to resist, and offered up this little treasure:

Jill and I both bought them, despite already having iPod covers. They were too cute. The tassels were what sold me. I am going through a dangly-thing period. I'm not sure what did Jill in, but seriously, who WOULDN'T want one?
Anyway, I finished my Top Secret Knitted Gift, so I've got a night of Very Serious Olympic Knitting ahead of me. Wish me luck, girls, I'm going for the Gold!