Thursday, February 16, 2006


Ooh la la, what is this? It is a preview glimpse of my Top Secret knitted gift project for Kara's party. This is only one small segment, obviously. Can you guess what it is?
Today was unbelievably WARM here in NYC! The city is still a stinky swamp from the melting snow, but who cares when it's warm enough to walk around with the sun on your face, jacket-free? After a particularly grueling visit to the salon (I won't go into details, just use your imagination), I tried to bring myself back from the world of pain by walking around Soho for a bit, picking up some things at Kate's Paperie and L'Occitane. Both lovely stores full of lovely things, where I tend to buy things only for other people. Then up to 8th street where I found the bakery and bagel shop that Jill A. and I stopped in the other day, and bought myself a delicious eggplant bureka and a chocolate croissant. And then went to Starbucks, where my mocha cost more than my lunch had. I didn't want this beautiful day to end, but eventually I bought my dog food and headed back home, where Miss Peru was impatiently waiting for me, as usual. She's always so happy when I come home! Hooray for pit bulls!