Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympic Disaster Strikes

This is the picture of a knitter felled by Olympic defeat. With only two complete days to go, I think it is time to prepare myself for what is becoming more and more obvious with every passing minute; there is no way I am going to finish.
Things were OK. I was a little behind, but I'd finished the back and both fronts, and I was thinking surely I could do a sleeve a day and have time for seaming Saturday night. Oh, and picking up the stitches around the opening--OK, so it would have been a late night. But then I was getting ready to sew the shoulder seams (just to get some of the dreaded sewing out of the way) and I discovered this:

I somehow forgot to allow for a neck opening in my design. The tops of the fronts go all the way across the back!!! So I have now frogged down to that little green pin on both fronts (the pic is blurry, I'm sorry) and have to re-knit, rapidly reducing on the inside edges to give myself a spot for my HEAD to come out!
I really don't think there is any way this is going to be done by the closing ceremonies, especially with my big plans for Friday night AND the ballet class I refuse to forego on Saturday. But I'm going to keep forging ahead, because that's just the kind of girl I am. Oh, and did I mention that it is monstrously bigger than I had planned? This is the story of my life; I constantly overestimate the size of my body, imagining myself as some burly buff thing that I am obviously not. Anyway, if I don't get it done for the Olympics, surely I can finish it by Sn'B on Tuesday? We'll see.