Sunday, February 19, 2006

Knitters Gone Wild, Top Secret Gift Revealed

Here he is! My Top Secret Bubby Bear, out in the open at last! Why, you may wonder, is he being held aloft by a giddy Jill R.? Because she picked my gift at Kara's Birthday Knitted Gift Exchange! Bubby was thrilled to go home with her, where he knows he will lead a safe life far from the dangerous reach of children and cats (he shudders to imagine).

How much fun does this look like? We had the best time! Kara's amazing husband Mike prepared a huge feast of tasty dishes, almost all vegetarian!!! Very exciting for Heather, Michelle, and me. He then became increasingly nervous as we all started to arrive--I think he could feel the estrogen building to a breaking point--and high tailed it out of there in favor of some male company. Which left us with 20 knitters and a table of knitterly gifts!

Here is Michelle with Theresa, her guru, who we were all very excited to meet.

And here's me and Jewel, making our own Hourglass Nation, one sweater at a time.

And here's Nicole, wearing Katy's GORGEOUS new sweater that she designed for Heather's book. This one's going to be all over Ebay!
And then the gift-exchanging festivities began. I took photos of every single gift, but am too impatient to upload them all to Blogger, so here's a small selection:

One of my fave gifts of the night, these fabulous mittens Ruth received from Michelle, knitted with Michigan llama! They are so beautiful, I almost stole them.

Though it's too far away to really see it, this is a Branching Out scarf that Rachel got from Theresa, Michelle's guru (oops, before I said it was Johanna. Why? I have no idea). Not only was the scarf amazing, the color looked perfect on its recipient. You know, Heather says purple is going to be huge this season.

And here is Claudine, already plotting to steal the ball of Colinette Susie received from Ruth. Poor Susie, she never saw it coming.

And it is a good thing I didn't steal Ruth's mittens, because I received my own! This very cool, convertable pair is from Heather and Army of Knitters. These, too, will soon be a coveted item by our soon-to-be-famous-author, but you won't see them on Ebay. They're MINE!
It was an awesome night, and we all owe Kara a big THANK YOU for coming up with such a fun idea and making it happen. Thanks, Kara and Mike!