Monday, February 27, 2006

And she cooks, too!

Well, I obviously did not bring home any gold for my country. Can I say it's because I didn't vote for Bush and didn't want to win the gold for us anyway? No, I don't think so. You all know how hard I tried. But it simply wasn't to be. In fact, what was I thinking?? Even if I hadn't had periods of slacking (was I "socializing and partying at an Olympic level," to quote Bode Miller?) I don't think this could have been done in two weeks. And that "sleeve a day" bit? That was pure folly. So what you see above is what I've got done today, the day AFTER the end of the Olympics. I am determined to finish it, though, before I move on to something else, because if I stop, I will never be able to make myself pick it up again.
There have been a number of new developments at the Casa Cary over the last few days, the most exciting of which is that... Jamie got his first freelance job! Hooray! So now in addition to working all day for Matthias, Jamie will be coming home to retouch over a hundred photos of underwear ads by Saturday! What fun! The best part about Jamie reouching undies, however, is that when we went to pick up the info from the photo shoot, the art director said, "Wait, you need some samples for color-matching!" She then looked at me, asked my size, and handed over three little envelopes with three very chic pairs of panties! What luck, you say! Of course, upon closer inspection, I realized that she wasn't exactly giving away miles of priceless fabric:
Two of these pairs happened to be thongs, which, though I know many of you will gasp in horror as you read this, I just cannot get used to. I tried. I was told by other females that full-backed underwear was terribly gauche, something only a 10-year-old should wear, and that it was time to graduate to proper undies. But I can't deal, I just keep going back to my comfy cotton Christmas undies from Old Navy because I really don't like to be aware of my underwear at all. It was still super-exciting, though, to be given free panties, and I told Jamie that he should market himself as an "underwear retoucher" so that I can get more.
So here is the retoucher himself, proudly perched in front of his ginormous Mac, ready to transform wrinkles and cellulite into perfect smoothness.
And after all of this excitement, I still managed to whip us up this tasty Mexican Lasagna (thanks to Fig and Plum for pointing the way to this recipe), which turned out amazingly well considering that I was the one who cooked it. Might I finally be on my way to Domestic Goddess-ship?