Monday, July 11, 2005

It's so nice to have a few days off of work, so I can spend some time spinning this yummy stuff. 2 ounces spun in the duration of one Shakira CD--I love having a wheel! And this lovely Tequila Sunrise/Tropical Punch roving becomes:

Fabulous variegated yarn! Fortunately I have 2 bags of it, which should be enough for... something. And then there's the pound (!) of undyed merino that is waiting to be spun--perhaps it could be made to coordinate with its cheerfully-colored merino cousins here? My vast collection of Kool-Aid beckons me. I'm going to put that slow-cooker from my wedding registry to good use!
Tomorrow night our Stitch n' Bitch group is trying out a new spot, Teaspot, to be exact. I'll try to remember to photograph the event for proper blog coverage the next day.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Brand New Blog

Well, everyone has a blog these days, so I guess it's time to at least give it a try. And what better time than the day after an NYC Yarn Crawl?

There we all are, at Downtown Yarns in the East Village. That was my first trip there, and it was such a pleasant, cozy space, complete with helpful, attitude-free service. We were lucky enough to have a really mild summer day for our crawl, with much lower temperatures than our last crawl.
Despite the call of my new yarn purchases, however, I am forcing myself to finish a couple of works-in-progress before I cast on for anything new. More because I have all 3 of my size 7 circulars in use than from any restraint on my part. There is:
the wavy-lines lace top, which will hopefully make it to a short-sleeved top. If I have enough yarn, which was purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn and is thus of a finite amount.
And then there's this, the beginnings of Klaralund, made with the beautiful red Noro Cash Iroha that I have been hoarding for months. There's also a cabled camisole, an alpaca version of the Family Tunic from Weekend Knitting, and the very important Union Square Market Pullover knitalong which I can't wait to get started on!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Working Away on Clapotis

OK, so I know I am like, the last person in the whole world to make a Clapotis, but I am doing it anyway, despite that spring is (supposedly) on its way. I have three ladders so far:

and am so enjoying pulling them out every 12 rows! Not to mention that I picked up the idea of making fun, sparkly stitch markers from the other bloggers, which, combined with the very lucious Lorna's Laces "Lion and Lamb" in mixed berries, is making this project a real pleasure to knit.
I've also been busy with my spinning, though not as much as I should. Here's my very first skein:

which is now a fun shade of bright red, thanks to some Kool-aid. And then there's my first plied skein, made with alpaca:

hanging in the bathtub after its swim in the Kool-aid. I felt like the crazy lady in the grocery store today when I saw the Kool-aid display--they got in all of these new flavors, so I stocked up on Blastin' Cherry Berry, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and Berry Blue--a girl in my class has been dying (no pun intended) for some blue, so I'm really going to make her day.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Knitting Day at Home
I was finally able to spend a day finishing the projects that have been sitting around waiting for their final touches. And it seems that it's going to snow tomorrow, so maybe that will be another knitting day. I am working on my first sweater--

--so another day of staying at home doesn't sound bad at all. I finally finished my flowered handbag today, and I'm really happy with how it came out.

It's a little time-consuming making all of the flowers and then sewing them on, but the result is very rewarding. I really need to go to the store for some ribbon (for the sweater) and some size 4 dpns (for a future pair of wristwarmers, so I can knit on the subway), but it all depends on if I can get out before the snow.